Our Story

No. 1 refreshing toner in Italy with 150 years history

Best selling body cleanser, soap in the French Pharmacies since 1924

Laundry detergent being used in about 9 million Italian home

World's first oral care product made in 1755...

We believe only a few great brands can last more than 100 years thanks to the support and affection of customers. 

Mina Global has been exploring and distributing those esteemed global products along with their own tradition, history and spirit into S.Korea and other Asian countries, particularly for beauty, well being, personal care and home care brands.

International heritage brands are no longer for anybody else as we live in a global village today. 

They improve our quality of life by connecting people with the world.

We hope to make people's daily life happier and greater with our outstanding products.

Our Business

Brand Sourcing

Collaborating with global brands is our core business.  Today we are all connected through their products.  People share their daily lives by consuming them.  We believe the great brands who represent each country can enhance our quality of life. This is why we are searching for the trusted brands.   

TV Homeshopping

TV HS promotion has become one of the most effective sales routes today.  It provides various benefits and opportunity for consumers to understand the brand's identity better.  We have established a close network with TV HS depending on the characteristic of our brands.  

Retail Distribution

Department store, H&B store, large discount store are strategic distributing routes we focus on.  To cooperate with those fine retailers is a symbol of confidence.  You can find our products in these key sales channels.

Export & Import

We carry out domestic and overseas business as well.  We collaborate with good retailers in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian countries including Japan, Singapore and Vietnam.


When international brands decide to enter into our market for the first time, it's essential to get detailed information regarding market, competitors, distribution structure and related regulation in advance.  We provide all necessary service with best quality to our global partners.